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Call Us Today!
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"We Make House Calls"

For your convenience, Fence Dr. provides reliable appointment windows best to suit your schedule. Working hands-on with our neighbors here in the Contra Costa and surrounding area's since '78, we understand the importance of your time and address it accordingly. No stranger to this region, we've become accustomed to battling the terrain, from the rocky foothills, to the delta wetlands. With a vast horizon of expertise, our field-work ranges from repairs, to removal, to replacement upon your request. We handle all of your needs:  wood- chain link- wrought iron fencing, walk- R/V- automatic/rolling gates, retaining walls, handrails, decks, arbors/awnings/patio covers, ETC.

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Our Wood Fences come in a variety of styles to compare, contrast, and/or compete against your local Jones'.
  • Nail-on- our high strength flat-top or dog-ear style fences are made with pressure treated douglas fir posts and stringers (top and bottom), redwood slats, galvanized nails, and ASTM rated concrete.
  • Good Neighbor- our top quality contained fences are constructed of rough redwood cap rail/ stringers, slats, bean poles, and kickboard, with pressure treated posts, galvanized staples, and ASTM rated concrete. *Lattice top available

Wrought Iron

Our Wrought Iron fencing and railing are available in various heights and structural strengths to meet application demands.
  • Fence Panels - all fence panels are cut to fit and welded, on site, to posts either set in ASTM rated concrete or bolted into existing cement.
  • Handrails - handrails fabricated and set in ASTM rated concrete or welded on flanges and anchor bolted into existing cement to provide stability for your walkways, stairways, and other needs.

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    Our Chain-link fencing, commonly known as cyclone, is highly durable and suitable for a secure industrial strength barrier. Available in a multitude of styles maximizing strength or minimizing expense.
    • Fencing - fencing consists of "cyclone" fabric, galvanized post/rails, guide-wire, tension bands, and proper accessories.
    • Gates  - all gates hinge from a stable post and are welded out of galvanized pipe and faced off with "cyclone" fabric.

    Retaining Walls

    Our Retaining walls are set with posts approx. every 4 ft. attached to appropriate size pressure treated douglas fir to provide long-lasting earth to wood contact and a solid barrier.


    Our Retaining walls are set with posts approx. every 4 ft. attached to appropriate size pressure treated douglas fir to provide long-lasting earth to wood contact and a solid barrier.


    Our Walk Gates are primarily 3-5' in width and constructed of desired materials.


    Our *Specialty* R/V Gates come in a variety of either a wood faced 1.5" steel frame, galvanized pipe frame with a chain-link face, or wrought iron panels with ornamental iron available upon request.


    Our Rolling Gates are most commonly made up of either chain-link or wrought iron set on a rolling track either bolted to cement or attached to lineal fence and supported by what we refer to as a hang-man's noose.


    An automated operating system can be built-in or added to most gate/security doors in a number of fashions to provide you with a sound automated entrance to your home or business. 

    Security Doors

    A great way to keep the outside out and the inside in, our Security Doors are safe, secure and built to last.


    Broken Posts

    We offer a number of cost-friendly solutions to your broken post dilemmas.

    Sagging Gates

    A common problem with a simple fix. We have the intellect to reverse even the most severe sags and create space in the stickiest situations.

    Missing/Loose Materials

    If reinforcement doesn't seem to be effective, we offer a number of repair techniques to rebuild undesirable sections.

    Rusty Metals

    No problem, with years of welding experience we can replace rusted metals with ease, giving you that like new look and feel you want.


    Ask us if we may be able to repair or remove any potentially dangerous objects on your property's perimeter or around any other safety barriers or supports.



    Our Banister Handrails are made of thick-wall square tubbing posts welded to square support rails, with a steel cap and appropriate returns.

    Pipe rails

    If square is not your thing, we offer our Pipe-rails for a smooth rounded, continuous handrail, with proper returns at either end.

    Guide rails

    Having trouble making that step-up onto your porch/patio lately? Let's talk about our easy install Guide-rails to help keep you up and away from trip hazards.



    If you're looking for a new Deck, or need repairs on your existing one, we offer stable pressure treated joists with a smooth redwood finish.

    Staining/Pressure Washing

    Is your fence looking a little out of date? We have just the fix for you. Pressure Washing removes unwanted white stains left by tanic-acid contained within the wood, and brings your old fence back to life. Staining is a preventative measure to water-seal your wood and maintain that like-new look.

    Mail Boxes

    Mail box getting a little wobbly? Fitting right into the scheme of our expertise we can replace and refinish your post-box to ensure you stay posted.

    Garbage Enclosures

    For your code enforcement and industrial needs, we offer strong, durable, long-lasting enclosures to keep your trash out of the public eye.

    *Additions, Substitutions, and Variations May Apply